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I worked for a major lawn company for years as a Certified Commercial Applicator; applying fertilizer, weed control, grub control, fungicide and aerating and seeding lawns. Not only did I do the work, but I diagnosed problems on lawns and advised customers on what needed to be done to keep their lawns in shape, or to fix their lawn.

During this time I gained a great deal of knowledge about turf grasses and what it takes to make and keep them healthy and strong. I always did the best job that I could and took care of my customers' lawns as if they were my own. I also was told many times by customers that they appreciated the exceptional service, communication and knowledge I provided.

At times I disagree with the major companies sales tactics and the general way that customers are treated. I thought every day about how I would treat my customers and conduct my business if I ran things. Well I have always wanted to run a business for myself and knew that it was only natural that I start my own business working in the field that I was already well versed in.

So here I am to serve you and your lawn!

The list of what sets The Turf Trainer apart from the other services you could hire to take care of your lawn is a long one. But here are a few reasons that I believe I deserve your business and will keep it once you are a customer.

• I use the highest quality products with the best nutrients to feed your lawn and apply them at the right time.

• Since I am the business owner and am also the one doing the work I care about your lawn and your satisfaction more than anyone.

• I will personally be doing the work at your home or business every time, so you know that it will be done right the first time by a knowledgeable professional.

• I will come up with the best plan of action for your lawn based on what will keep your lawn in the best shape and help improve it.

• You will be contacted and made aware of any problems and potential problems.

• Calls will be returned promptly and questions will be answered. If necessary a visit will be made to diagnose the problem.

• Contact us by email, your email will be answered promptly.

• Competitive prices and special offers on fertilizer and weed control packages. I also offer aeration, seeding, grub control and disease control.

• I use the highest quality fertilizers, weed control and lawn products available. Our aeration service is second to none and I use the highest quality turf seed available.

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