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What makes us different from our competitors?
You have a lot of choices when it comes to where to spend your money on your lawn. Why choose The Turf Trainer over our major competitors?

I am very familiar with my major competitors.
When I started The Turf Trainer I did it because I believed there was a definite demand for an alternative to what was currently available in the lawn health industry. From experience, I knew there was room for improvements in every category.
(results on the lawn, quality of work, knowledge level of technicians, fertilizer & chemicals used, communication with customers and overall customer experience).

I am very familiar with the complaints that customers have about my major competitors. I am also very aware of the holes they have in their fertilizer and lawn care programs. The reason isn’t because they don’t have someone available to them, or in their employ to help them develop a more agronomical program. It’s because buying truckloads of fertilizer with nutrients derived from cheaper sources and using the same stuff on your lawn all year long is more profitable.

The second reason seems to be that these lawn care programs are developed on a national basis and don’t take into account different soil types and weather conditions in different areas. I won’t go into the rest of the holes and gaps in quality of service as it would take up to much of the page.

Instead I would like to shift focus and tell about some of the changes I have made to offer a more exceptional lawn program, to provide better long term results and a better customer experience. Most companies utilize all synthetic fertilizers and completely ignore the organic products on the market. Through experience and personal research I have found that the best results can be achieved by blending the best of synthetic fertilizers and products and the best of organic products. What does this mean for you? Synthetics are great for certain purposes and at certain times of the year, as are organic products. However, neither is best for everything. Not only will The Turf Trainer’s unique lawn health program turn your lawn a better shade of green, but it will also help to amend and improve your soil. It truly offers lasting results. I am constantly in contact with the experts at a major chemical formulator and distributor to ensure that my program is not only competitive but a cut above my competition.

When it comes to treating customers well, I follow a simple motto “treat customers in the same manner I would want to be treated”. I think about the business I have dealt with that I was immensely happy with and how they treated me and provided a level of service I didn’t believe I would find with just any competing business. I work every day to provide the same type of quality and service to my customers. I strive to be honest and upfront with customers about the results that can be expected. I provide detailed information to customers to help them weigh options and choose services. I communicate and keep customers aware of ongoing problems or potential problems. I make appropriate recommendations based on sound turf management concepts. I call every customer every time before I come out to service their lawns.

I maintain competitive prices while using better and more expensive fertilizers on lawns, because I do not spend as much on advertising. I also do not have a team of salesmen who will call you every month trying to sell you something new. I cut costs on things that do not affect the quality of the service provided to you. So that I can spend my resources on the things that do! I believe that in the long term my success will hinge on maintaining superior customer satisfaction levels.

We use higher quality fertilizers and products.

Hybridized Organic/synthetic lawn program.

Better long term results.

We improve your soil, macro and micro nutrients.

Customized program for soil types and weather.

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